🪙MEF Token V2

Maximal Extractable Fren Token

What do I do when MEF V2

Currently, there is nothing that users are obligated to do. When MEF V2 Contract Upgrade will be sucessfully deployed, all users will be able to claim new MEF tokens for their correspoding holdings on a 1:1 basis.

Why there is going to be a V2 Upgrade?
  • Current contract was adequate to use for launch of MEF, future features require additionally deployed contracts that are co-dependent, therefore we need to deploy a new set of smart contracts once the infrastructure will be ready.

  • Contract upgrades are necessary for us to provide revenue share based on FrenBot revenue, referral system, and volume trading fee revenue.

Why there's going to be a Token Migration?

The context surrounding the token migration is fully explained in our Medium article that was released at the time.

In essence, the community voted in favour of a token migration for the following reasons:

  1. Replacement of the auto-LP burn built into the token contract with auto-LP add.

  2. The un-burning of tokens destroyed by auto-LP burn and use them for additional liquidity at the time of token migration.

  3. The team to retain ownership, to enable the reduction of swap tax over time.

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