🪙MEF Token

Maximal Extractable Fren Token

What is the token address of MEF?

The MEF token is deployed on the Ethereum network at

MEF V1: 0xCA5001bC5134302Dbe0F798a2d0b95Ef3cF0803F (unsupported)

MEF V2: 0x19bE3a0f1a6cccC99B3Cdc13475613E559BE551c (supported, visit Rewards Dashboard to migrate)

What are the tokenomics of MEF?

  • The project had a Fair Launch, which means that 100% of the token supply was added to liquidity at launch.

  • 10M tokens. Fully circulating and non-dilutive.

  • 5% tax on MEF will trade as follows post V2 MEF Upgrade: 1% to LP | 1% to holders | 3% to team and operating expenses.

  • 40% of bot transaction fees to holders.

  • Be a holder of 2500 MEF tokens or more to be entitled to revenue sharing.

What are the benefits of holding MEF?

Holding 2500 MEF tokens or more entitles you to a number of benefits:

  • 20% reduction on fees for swaps made through FrenBot.

  • Entitles you to revenue sharing.

  • Access to our Telegram holders' channel where you can discuss alpha, propose new features, and access a dedicated support channel.

MEF Token Migration

To migrate your MEF V1 Tokens, visit FrenBot Reward Dashboard under Claim MEF V2.

The MEF token was migrated from the V1 token contract (currently active) to the V2 token contract. During migration there will be a multi-day timeframe for users to voluntarily migrate their tokens. Afterwards, a snapshot will be taken of those remaining addresses, with late claims remaining open indefinitely on our Claims website. Migration is set for October 2023.

Why there's going to be a Token Migration?
  • Smart contract optimization

  • Onchain tax distribution towards revenue share, auto-LP add features

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